Club Corner- Cards For Kids


Halloween Cards

Alicia Naranjo-Champion, News Editor

Cards For Kids is one of the many clubs at Arroyo. Their mission is to make whoever receives their cards smile. Its members make cards based on the upcoming holiday and then choose a children’s hospital, local retirement home, or other places to donate the cards to. For example, the Halloween cards this year were delivered to the City of Hope children’s hospital.

The club meets one Tuesday per month in room 43 to turn in their cards and talk about upcoming cards.


The club officers are the following:

President: Alexys Ortiz, 12

Vice President: Uyen Do, 11

Publicity: Kaylee Tran, 11

Treasurer: Leyna Ho, 11

Secretary: Nikki Ha, 11

Club Advisor: Ms. Crystal Mercado


There are about 70 members and they are each required to make 5 cards every holiday. This means that if every Cards For Kids member makes their cards, the club is able to send about 350 cards.

The President, Alexys Ortiz, said that her favorite part of the club is when she gets the cards made by the members. “I get to look through the cards and see how creative the members are,” Ortiz said.

The goal in Cards for Kids is to make the receiver of the cards smile. Ortiz also mentioned, “I think about the fact that these are going to people who really just need something to make them smile and it just really makes me happy.”

If the club seems like something you’d like to be a part of, it’s not too late. To join you can talk to Alexys Ortiz “anytime.”