The new standard

Lilly Forsyth, Editor-in-chief

School wide, teachers have reshaped their curriculum in order to fit the state’s newest standards. The biggest change being the use of performance tasks in all subjects. The main objective of these written tasks is to teach students h...

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Leprechaun’s Potluck!

Hailey Juarez, Staff Writer

In honor of Saint Patrick's Day, the clubs put a little luck together and hosted the Leprechaun's Potluck food booth. Many students got excited when they heard the news of getting to choose from a variety of choices of food...

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Guess What’s Back? The SBAC!

Stephanie Li, Staff Writer

SBAC, formally known as Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, is aligned to Common Core State Standards. Juniors at Arroyo will be taking this test in the month of March, beginning on the 6th and officially ending on th...

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The wonderful world of Wong

Lilly Forsyth, Editor-in-chief

Tucked into the corner of the campus is the man, the myth, the god. AP calculus teacher Mr. Tony Wong has dedicated nearly twenty years developing his advanced math program becoming the most successful of its kind in the d...

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  • Abraham Rincon January 26
  • Dr. Ortiz January 10
  • Club Corner- Garden Club November 16
  • College Life – Ms. Filimaua November 15

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Through the eyes of a student athlete

Robert Delgado, Staff Writer

No matter what sport you are in or whether you are a boy or girl, being a student athlete will always have its ups and downs. It may be very stressful at times. There will be the bright side of it inclu...

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La La Lan-Moonlight!

La La Lan-Moonlight!

March 3

Return of the force

February 8

Pro/Con: Roller Coasters

November 10

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