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Hogwarts Legacy Game Review

Ivy Trang, Editor March 19, 2024

Jumping into the world of “Harry Potter” without the boy-who-lived, Hogwarts Legacy sets the story back a century before the books. The world provides wide expanses of land to explore, secrets to discover,...

Valentines Day Hot or Not

Valentine’s Day Hot or Not

Valerie Palacios, Opinion Editor February 9, 2024

It’s Valentine’s Day, Knights! A day dedicated to love; a special day to share with friends, family, and that special someone! 😻❤️ This year, Knights Banner is bringing back Hot...

Exploring Romance Tropes

Ivy Trang, Editor February 2, 2024

Within stories of romance, the development of feelings and dynamics can differ across narratives. However, these different factors can fall under the same umbrella as a commonly used trope. Despite how...

Movie Night With A Holiday Twist

Samantha Gutierrez, Editor January 8, 2024

Class of 2025 presents… Don’t Stay Home Alone Movie Night! To kickoff the Christmas season, the Junior Class of 2025 presented an exciting movie night to start off the festive December month. After...

Arroyo’s Merry Winter Assembly

Isabella Reyes, Sports Editor December 20, 2023

Arroyo’s performing arts students, which included people in choir, band, theater, cheerleading, colorguard, comedy sports, and dance club, showed off their hard work and talent on stage during Arroyo’s...

Arroyo Knight’s Goals

Karen Nguyen, Editor December 20, 2023

Students of Arroyo High School are excited for the upcoming year to set and gather their goals to achieve this following year 2024.  Arroyo High School students will provide their goals for 2024, defining...

Camelot Press Release

Camelot Press Release

April 20, 2023

"ARROYO HIGH SCHOOL BECOMES THE LEGENDARY KINGDOM OF CAMELOT - FOR TWO WEEKENDS ONLY" Arroyo High School Theatre Arts is proud to present... Lerner and Loewe’s CAMELOT April 27-29 & May...

March Back Into The 70s This Coming Sadies

Sylas Bravo and Max J. Malit February 28, 2023

Be prepared to get your groove at this year’s 70s themed Sadies dance being held soon this coming March 17th, from 7PM - 11PM at Rally Square.  The night will be chock full of entertainment, with...

Behind the Scares of Haunted House 2022

Max J. Malit, Staff Writer February 16, 2023

It was a screaming fun time October 25-27 at this year’s Haunted House hosted by the Drama Club, as students and other neighborhood thrill seekers alike bravely (or not so bravely) trekked their way...

Knights on a Budget

Alexandrea Servin, Staff writer April 9, 2019

Recently I went to the mall and spent $50 on a lip gloss and beauty sponge which is a lot money for two products. However this inspired me to talk about the beauty products we use daily and how pricey...

Prom Reveal

Alexandrea Servin, staff writer April 3, 2019

Prom season is approaching which means the prom rumors are starting. A lot of people are wondering where the dance is going to be, but most importantly what the theme is going to be. With that being said,...

The Generation Gap

The Generation Gap

Alicia Naranjo-Champion, News Editor October 25, 2018

Everyone at Arroyo is a high school student or has been one, so how does our high school experience differ from our teachers’ high school years? How significant are the differences and the gap between...

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