March Back Into The 70s This Coming Sadies

Sylas Bravo and Max J. Malit

Be prepared to get your groove at this year’s 70s themed Sadies dance being held soon this coming March 17th, from 7PM – 11PM at Rally Square. 

The night will be chock full of entertainment, with live music, freshly prepared food, and decor for the classic vibes of disco, bell-bottom jeans, and tie-dye shirts to make their return.

Mr. George Jara, history teacher as well as class of 2023 advisor here at Arroyo, and one of the primary organizers of the dance, stated about the theme “The theme is Groovin’ 70s. We want to bring back the tradition of dressing alike and it’s definitely one of our goals to bring it back.” 

The “Groovin’ 70s” theme itself was chosen by way of a school-wide poll vote made by the class of 2023 president where students of every grade-level could contribute their ideas.

When asked about why he thought the theme was chosen, Mr. Jara speculated “I’m guessing it’s 70s themed shows, or the people who dress “hippie” at Coachella” 

On the entertainment side of the event, expect live music and flashy lighting for attendees feeling the groovy spirit to go all out on the dance floor. 

Mr. Jara confirmed “DJ Nate will be there which I’m sure will be exciting” and further explained why the outdoor setting and lighting was chosen, “At homecoming they lit the outdoors which a lot of people said was nice”

Food vendors preparing food hot and fresh will be available at the event so it’s highly recommended to bring some extra cash with you to enjoy the delicious amenities. 

When asked about what he had to say about the food vendors, Mr. Jara replied “I’ve contacted a vendor who makes fresh pizza, I’ve tried and they’re really good so I’m excited that they’re coming.

All in all, Sadies is set to be a great and groovy experience for all, tickets are available at the Student Store on campus or on Arroyo’s GoFan page (Link found below) for $18 or $16 with ASB. Make sure you dress to impress as prizes will be given out for best outfit.

“I hope to see everyone there!” exclaimed Mr. Jara