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Through the Gardens of Versailles with our Knights

Arroyo Knights dancing the night away on the dance floor.

Students at Arroyo High School dance their night away in the rain at a Prom organized by the Class of 2025. Everyone dressed to impress and had a blast. 

The theme was Through The Gardens of Versailles. There was dinner, desserts, specialty drinks, a live DJ, photo ops, and more. 

Many people enjoyed the location of the prom very much. Eduardo Del Rio, prom king said “I thought the theme was super nice and creative.

“The venue was beautiful but I believe it would’ve been nicer without the rain because I loved the aesthetic of it and the palace feel you get”, said Eduardo. “Prom was so much fun. I loved spending time with my date Naomi Fraijo and some of my really good friends.”

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Naomi Fraijo, senior Prom Queen, spent it with her date and friends.

Through the night, Prom King and Queen were announced, Fraijo states, “I did not think nor expect to win Prom Queen, and saw it as a surprise.” 

2024 Prom king and queen Naomi Fraijo(12) and Eduardo Del Rio(12) posing for a picture after their victory!

“I loved the venue, especially the outside, it looked really pretty when it got darker and the water fountain was lit up,” Fraijo said. The venue had many nice places to take pictures at as the rain cooled down. 

“I think that the weather did make it a little difficult and could have been different but that was something out of anyone’s control. Other than that I really enjoyed it,” stated Fraijo. People did have a rough time with the rain, but that did not stop Prom.

Although the rain was a bit disappointing to many, these Arroyo Knights still made many memories and had a great time.

When asked how the food was, Fraijo said, “From the foods I did try, everything was good, especially the mini pancakes.” The desserts were many people’s favorites. Fraijo also said, “I really liked the theme and how the junior class decorated the venue.” 

Eduardo Morales, junior, Class of 2025, shares his experience planning Prom.

“Prom was such a great experience both planning and experiencing the day of. Although it was stressful to plan we couldn’t have done it without my advisor Ms.Hernandez. Seeing our work was such a great feeling. Prom was beautiful,” stated Morales. 

Morales explains how they came up with the theme.

Selfie cam with 2025 class council president Eduardo Morales(11).

Morales said, “The theme couldn’t have been any better! Considering the fact it was changed at the last minute like meaning 1 week before we announced the theme due to complications with the old one, this theme was perfect. It was something my council thought of that was new and something never done or seen before so I loved it knowing we weren’t basic like other schools.”

“When I first saw the venue when choosing it I instantly fell in love with it. It was so beautiful, honestly without being biased I think it was the best venue we’ve had since coming back from the pandemic. It was perfectly spaced out and just being in the garden was really great for our pictures and that water fountain was the main thing that sold us for selecting it,” said Morales. 

The venue was truly a perfect fit for the theme. It had such a beautiful garden and students took many photos to remember this day forever.

When asked about how the rain affected everything, Morales said, “Although it rained and it was such a sad feeling, everyone seemed to be a good sport about it and still had fun. We still managed to do all the activities and hit the dance floor, personally I had a lot of fun in the pit.“

“The food was the best thing ever, like again so much better than last year everything about it was perfect. The pasta was creamy, the chicken wasn’t dry, the bun was nice and soft and that Caesar salad was bomb. I went and even got seconds. If someone told me to go get thirds, trust me I would go, and man, those mini pancakes were so good and those Shirley Temples really had me standing in that line almost the whole dance,” stated Morales. 

The food was one of the best parts of Prom, many people enjoyed it and it sounds like it was everything everyone hoped it would be.

“One thing I wished that could’ve been different about this year’s prom was the weather. Everything about the dance was perfect. Mother Nature knew that our prom would’ve been too good and would eat up all the other proms from the past years,” said Morales. 


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