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The End of a Chapter for Mr. Ramirez


After a wonderful career that will end with a farewell and a move on to the next chapter, Spanish teacher and soccer coach Jorge Ramirez will retire this year from Arroyo. 

Mr. Ramirez has been teaching for 30 years, 27 years here at Arroyo, and 3 years at Arcadia High School. Mr. Ramirez described his decision to enter the teaching profession as a beautiful accident, one of life’s fortunate mishaps. “No one would’ve guessed I was going to do this (entering the profession of teaching),” Mr. Ramirez said. “It happened the way it happened, I’m glad it did, and I would do it again. I highly recommend this teaching profession.”  As unexpected as teaching was for Mr. Ramirez expressed how content he was taking the opportunity to teach and mend young minds. 

As a teacher, Mr. Ramirez’s greatest achievement is getting to see former students and the joy of knowing he left an impact on them. “Everywhere you go, everywhere, it happened in Cancun, outside Walmart, you walk around and there they are right in front of you. It’s happened in San Diego and San Francisco, you can’t go anywhere without running into any students. What makes me happy is that students always seem happy to see me, it’s good to know that I left them with good memories.” Mr. Ramirez said. The multiple encounters with former students serve as a reminder of the positive memories and impact Mr. Ramirez has had on his students and his dedication to students.

Mr. Ramirez expresses what he’ll miss about this profession, he said the day-to-day routine, all his involvement with soccer, and his colleagues. Mr. Ramirez is an AP reader, he and many other teachers are flown out to Tampa, Florida yearly to grade/read AP exams. Although Mr. Ramierez will leave the profession of teaching, his involvement with Spanish AP Literature for the AP College Board isn’t over yet, he plans on “doing some stuff” for the board, not completely leaving the field of education. Mr. Ramirez involvement isn’t just in the classroom, it’s on the field too.

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Mr. Ramirez started coaching at Arroyo in 1984 when the first soccer program opened. Mr. Ramirez was the first coach at Arroyo and only a junior in college. Later on, he returned to Arroyo in 1997 to coach boys’ varsity soccer, from 1997-2010, winning a few championships until later transitioning into leading girls’ varsity soccer 5 years ago. Mr. Ramirez has also coached soccer at South El Monte High School in 1992, being the first coach at the school. “I’ve been in El Monte my entire life always involved in soccer. I’ve always been happy about it,” said Ramirez. Mr. Ramirez continues to give back contributing his time teaching Spanish and coaching soccer for young students/players. 

There is more than just winning or losing games, to Mr. Ramirez coaching goes beyond victories. “It’s almost like a spiritual thing… You see your ideas, your school, right out there on the field and you see that develop and it’s a beautiful thing.” 

Despite retiring from coaching as well, Mr. Ramirez acknowledges the multiple callings that take him back to the sport. “Several times in my lifetime, I said no I’m not coaching anymore, and it keeps calling and drawing me back,” he said. Mr. Ramirez will keep an open mind to coaching in the near future but so far, he has made plans to travel to further enjoy his retirement. 

He and his wife set their plans on new adventures in Spain. “My wife and I plan on going to Spain, living over there for a while,” he shares. Mr. Ramirez plans on living in Spain for 6 months or longer and then embark on a journey throughout Europe. “From there, just visit all of Europe we’re interested in.” Mr. Ramirez shares detailing his plans excitingly for his retirement. 

As Mr. Ramirez starts a new chapter, he leaves behind a legacy of dedication, passion, and service for teaching and coaching, leaving a mark on the community. His impact will be remembered by students, players, and faculty. Although he jokes about not missing administrative meetings, his wisdom will be missed. A new chapter and adventure awaits Mr. Ramirez, “I leave this profession very satisfied with what I did.” 

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