Last kicks

Girl’s Varsity and JV soccer season comes to an end.


Amanda Medina, Staff Writer

Both the varsity and JV girls soccer teams gave it their all as the season comes to an end this week. With a total of 10 league games, they have have 5 wins for each team so far.

Last Thursday, girl’s varsity soccer won against South El monte. They will able to maintain their league ranking of second place,and will being heading to CIF.

Varsity’s Destiny Monteon, 12, said, “Some strengths as a team we had this season are we never give up on each on, and we also managed to keep pushing through till the end of the game.”

Throughout the season, their losses taught them that there was still room for improvement.

“We can improve on communication during the game,and scoring more goals,” said Monteon.

JV’s season closed out the league season as they battled South El Monte.

Kaitlyn Borja,12, said, “This season has been great, and we worked as a team from the beginning.”

However, like the Varsity team, their strengths came with lesson learned.

“At first we were not communicating, and now that we got to learn each other better, our communication did improve over time,” Borja said, “The team did face some losses this season, but we are still winners.”