Through the eyes of a student athlete

Student Athletes struggle to balance their sports and classes everyday of their lives.

Robert Delgado, Staff Writer

No matter what sport you are in or whether you are a boy or girl, being a student athlete will always have its ups and downs. It may be very stressful at times. There will be the bright side of it including things such as game days or practices. Then there will be the bad side of it such as things like getting home later than usual, always being tired, and having to catch up on homework after practices.

I play for the baseball team. Practices are usually Mondays through Fridays but hardly ever on the weekends. Practices can go from right after school to around five or six. During practice you have to work to get better and prepare for game days. After all of the drills and workouts, you get really tired and just want to go home and sleep, but unfortunately sometimes you can not do that.

On game days you can feel the excitement when throwing on your jersey, but first you have to get through whatever work and tests are due in class. Finally, after a long day of school work you get to put on your uniform and go warm up and get ready for the game. During the game it feels good just to be out there playing and knowing you are representing your school. If your team comes out with the win it always feels good, but even if your team loses, you just have to shake it off and keep practicing and stay focused on the next game.

Of course, one of the most important part of being a part of sports in high school is your grades. Grades are always important but they are even more important when playing sports because if you do not have good enough grades then you would not even be able to play. With your schedule always being busy, you still have to manage to do whatever homework is assigned for that day. It can be very tough to keep up with everything, but that is just one of the things that comes with being a student athlete.

Being a student athlete can take a lot of responsibility and you always have to stay on top of your work because once you fall behind, it is hard to pick yourself up. As long as you stay on top of all of your school work and everything else you have to do, being a student athlete can be very fun. All of the hard work will always be worth it in the end.