Valedictorians speak out

For the first time, Arroyo will have a record eleven valedictorians from the graduating class of 2017.

Amanda Medina, Staff Writer

For the first time ever in Arroyo’s history, there will be eleven valedictorians representing the class of 2017.

To meet the requirements to be  considered for this honor, a student must maintain at least a 4.2 GPA by the end of the Fall semester of their senior year according to board policy. Also, students must have earned a blue seal diploma which indicates that they had met  A-G requirements.

The eleven valedictorians are George Chen, Stephanie Huynh, Peter Vien, Preston Lee, Wilson Yu, Britney Forsyth, Elaine Huynh, Rafael Trinidad, Stephanie Li, Connie Diep,  and Rebecca Cheung. The salutatorian, which is the student that has the second highest GPA after the valedictorians,  is Christy Lee.

In 2010, Arroyo had its highest record of valedictorians with three students holding the honor. In 2011, the number doubled and the class had five valedictorians. The next three years honored six valedictorians.

The eleven valedictorians will be presented at the graduation ceremony with George Chen and Peter Vien presenting speeches.