Lending a helping hand

Need advice on what college will be like? PCC is here to help.

Eddie Nguyen, Contributing Writer

In a time where applying to colleges may seem fearful and students have no clue on how to face the future, the PCC Trio Talent Search Program is here to help.

The general purpose of this program is to provide college access to 9th and 12th graders and better prepare them for whatever their future holds. This program is available for any student who is interested in a higher education to obtain a better understanding of what they might be interested in for college and how to get there.

Head of the Program, Margaret Fernandez, created this program for students of any grade level in high school. Although the program may accept everyone, it is specifically here to help out students that need a higher knowledge of what college may be like for them and how to determine what is right for their future. The PCC Talent Search Program provides a multitude of different features such as trips to campuses that offer overnight stays, the opportunity to take courses in an actual college classroom, SAT assistance, financial aid workshops, and much more.

The benefits given by this program are for everyone and there are little to no requirements for it. This program is here to help anyone in need and hopes to see more and more students join soon. For all those who are interested in joining, the career center is available for everybody. Feel free to sign up for the program today if you have any questions or plans for your college future.