Track & Field: Hurdlers – Ben Le

Ben Le, 12, reflects his final season in track and field and his journey to becoming a Golden Knight.


Lilly Forsyth, Editor-in-chief

What do you love specifically about hurdling?

I love the feeling when you go over the hurdle and turn that corner in one of your races. Then you’re just sprinting towards the  finish line; it’s just a great feeling.

How important is technique?

Technique and form are very important because if you don’t have any of either you’re going to end up falling and injuring yourself.

What is the best advice you have received?

I was told just to run no matter what. Regardless of what is happening in front of you or distractions you see, you have to just keep running and working hard.

How did you prepare for a meet?

I would have some alone time to speak to myself. I’d reminisce about everything and think of everybody.

What’s the hardest part about hurdling?

The hardest part is actually getting over [the hurdle]. You are running towards it and you’re just thinking “am I really going to get over this or am I going to trip?” Once you get over that mindset, it’s really easy.

How does hurdling compare to your other events (sprinting and jumping)?

For me, hurdling is just an experience you wouldn’t get as a sprinter or jumper. In sprinting you’re just sprinting down the lane, and in jumping you’re obviously just jumping. Hurdling is about the bond you create and learning the different forms and techniques to get over the hurdlers. Like sprinting though you are always trying to improve your time.

How did you reward yourself after a meet?

I would reward myself by just taking myself out to eat or sleeping as much as I could. Sometimes I would go hang out with the love of my life, my girlfriend Stephanie Li.

How has track shaped affected your high school experience?

Track helped me become a better person. it shaped me into a captain, and it helped me become the person I am today. It made me more talkative and made me want to help anyone I can.

How does it feel knowing that your four years of hard work have earned you the title of Golden Knight?

I was just speechless. It’s really exciting, but at the same time it sucks because I know my high school career is over. I know when the time comes it’s going to hit me right in the heart. I’m just going to end up crying. It’s a great reward, and I worked hard for it.

How has track shaped you as a person?

It helped me become a man. I stand up for what is right and help people if they need it even if they are really shy. It helped me become a better social person and overall, track has been great for me.