Home is where the Heart is, Mr. Gomez

Yesenia Diaz, Staff Writer

The halls of Arroyo will echo “Go Knights” for the last time on September 1st. On that day, our community will lose a very well-known member. Mr. Oscar Gomez, Assistant Principal of Activities, who many may know from his phrase, will be leaving Arroyo.

Although he is very excited to be promoted to assistant principal of student services for Mountain View. Mr. Gomez is very sad to be leaving Arroyo.

“I have been here for 14 years, in different capacities as a counselor, as an administrator, as an alumni [former student] so my heart and soul has been at this school, but I’m looking forward to start a new chapter in my personal life as an administrator at a different site,” said Mr. Gomez.

When asked what he would miss about Arroyo, Mr. Gomez answered,” The kids, the staff but mostly the kids. I think Arroyo is a very unique place, here in the San Gabriel Valley, and I think these kids really kind of demonstrate a lot of good things.”

Mr. Gomez’s love for the students of Arroyo has been shown through his work and recognized by staff members. He has done so much for Arroyo that is appreciated and admired by Arroyo’s members.

“He came in a difficult situation, when he took over activities and he has done an excellent job, he has been extremely helpful and extremely supportive of both yearbook and journalism, which I greatly appreciate,” says Ms. Jennifer Swanson, referring to Mr. Gomez.

    Staff members believe that Mr. Gomez will remain as an admired and supportive member of our community. He will be remembered because of his hard work and spirit for Arroyo.

“I think so, he was a student and he was here before as a counselor and I think it will continue”, Ms. Gonzales said.

Although Mr. Gomez is leaving we should celebrate his new opportunity and hope the best for him. Our community will remember him as someone who cared deeply for our school and the members of it.