Hydro Flask Fever

Joanne Quach, Editor-in-Chief

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Ranging from the colors red to yellow, purple to green, white to graphite, the recently growing trend at Arroyo is vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles, especially with the brand Hydro Flask. According to their website they promise three T’s:  temperature, taste and transport.

Not too long ago students were still carrying plastic water bottles, so how did this trend grow?

“I’ve been drinking out of water bottles a lot and I didn’t want to just crush them and recycle them anywhere, so the Hydro Flask conveniently let me refill my bottle. It saves plastic and the earth, ” explains Jason Luong, 12.

Seniors Jefferson Diep and Justin Phan pose proudly with their Hydro Flasks.

Besides the most obvious reason to getting a Hydro Flask- retaining cold water all day, some students have other preferences to why they got a Hydro Flask.

“I like the color selection. I got a white one to put stickers on, because I love having ‘dank’ stuff on my Hydro Flask,” said Jefferson Diep, 12.

Although the bottle is a bit pricey, Hydro Flask lovers believe it can be put to good use. They also believe that this trend will continue to grow.       

“It’s kind of expensive, but if you use it everyday it’s useful,” said Justin Phan, 12.

Students who don’t have a Hydro Flask however, trust that any other insulated water bottle can do the job of keeping water cold.

“I don’t have the need to buy specifically a Hydro Flask, the one I have is just as good,” states Jovanny Ruiz, 12.

Overall, while the brand Hydro Flask does have a lovely color selection, if you don’t care about the brand any insulated water bottle will do the trick of keeping your water cold all day!

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Hydro Flask Fever