Dr. Quintana

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Dr. Quintana

Eva, Staff Writer

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What was your job prior to this job?

I was a program specialist at Montebello Unified School District.

Why did you come to Arroyo?

Because I had heard it was a wonderful school and that the high school had an amazing faculty, staff, and administration team and that they were getting ready to do some very innovative work. I thought that I wanted to jump into a new school district and a new school that had a lot of diversity and that had a lot of creative ideas. It was just time for change also because sometimes we get stuck in locations after many many years and so now we want different opportunities and different experiences to just go ahead and work with a whole new set of students.

What are your hopes for the upcoming year?

I hope that we’re going to be bringing up a lot of our spirit. And that we’re going to have a lot of our students be more civic minded so including a lot of civic community opportunity and projects, but really getting more kids involved in all of our clubs, such as in our ASB, attending more athletic events, and just really being more proactive as students so they have the best high school experience they possibly could have.

As APSA, what are some of your responsibilities?

Well, that is an understatement because there are many many responsibilities on this campus. So, helping to oversee some of our athletic activities, overseeing some of our security details on campus, cooperating and collaborating with instruction, but its really being the support for the students for all of the activities they do that are extracurricular. And so that is whatever it takes– whatever it takes basically is the position. Whatever it takes to make sure that all of our students succeed and are successful but that they are fully engaged and having a wonderful high school experience.

How do you like Arroyo so far?

I love it! It’s a beautiful campus and everyone is very friendly. And everybody has been very welcoming. Everybody seems to be happy.

What would you be doing if you weren’t an assistant principal?

If I weren’t an assistant principal, I would probably be a director of human resources at a non-profit.