JV Girls Tennis- Michelle Dang


Yesenia Diaz, Staff Writier

Although tennis might not be the most popular sport, it is a very difficult and serious game. Members of the tennis team have to learn how to move in the ball and how to track. One of those who have been able to gain a hold of these incredibly difficult skills is Arroyo’s JV Tennis player Michelle Dang, a sophomore who has been playing for Arroyo since freshmen year.

Dang was inspired by her cousin who played this sport throughout high school and is Michelle’s role model.

“My cousin was my biggest inspiration for joining. She was my role model and tennis was a big part of her high school life,” said Michelle Dang.

Michelle believes that the best feeling she can get on the court is making a solid or seemingly impossible shot. She describes the events in the  player’s perspective as a moment where the his or her entire surroundings slow down.

Michelle Dang said, ”The best feeling you can possible get while you’re on the court is when you make an impossible or solid shot. If it is seen from the player perspective it looks slow-mo in a sense but in reality it’s going faster than your opponent.”

Even though, Arroyo’s tennis team has not lost a game this season the tennis team is known to be very energetic and to spend time together after a game. Michelle also says that she normally eats ice cream in bed after winning a tennis match.

“The team as a whole, we haven’t lose a game this season, so there’s never been a depressing trip home. We’re an energetic bunch and hang out a bit before we head home. I personally eat ice cream in bed with Nutella,” says Dang.

Lauren Finke, JV tennis coach, is describe as a friend and coach for the team when needed and a quick-witted, sarcastic person. “She[Lauren Finke] is a cool person and knows when to act as our coach or as our friend. Personality wise she’s sarcastic, quick witted and always down for a good roast. For example, she likes to comment on my height when I jump and miss the ball,” said Michelle.

Tennis is a very strategic and fast-paced game, so some things are hard to pick while learning this sport. Michelle Dang finds it difficult to track and follow the ball. She finds it difficult because she is always grounded but the ball is constantly moving. Although this was difficult for Michelle, she improved with a lot of practice and focused her efforts on this ability.

Tennis, a sport that is underdog of many sports, requires a person to be quick-witted and fast on their feet. Many can master this sport while others may find some events in the sport difficult. All someone needs is be focused and willing to improve on themselves.