Varsity Football – Oliver Gonzalez


Joanne Quach, Editor-in-Chief

It’s rare for someone to try out for a sport and immediately get into Varsity, nevertheless that was the case for Oliver Gonzalez. Varsity Football player, Oliver Gonzalez has played football for one year. He plays wide receiver.

“I’ve been wanting to play football here at Arroyo because of the reputation we have for being one of the best in the valley,” says Gonzalez.

Gonzalez’s favorite days are game days because he gets to play under the bright stadium lights. He adores the feeling and environment of playing on the field while hearing the crowds cheer. As a matter of fact, his favorite memory was when they played against Schurr High School and ended victorious. After getting a good meal and rest in the cafeteria and listening to music to pump himself up, Oliver had a feeling this game would be successful. With preparation and the aura feeling right, he and his teammates were able to play at the top of their game.

Football, just like any other sport teaches an athlete many valuable lessons. These are the lessons that they will hold onto for the rest of their lives.  

“For me football has taught me to be a better teammate as well as being a more responsible person,” claims Gonzalez.

As the football season comes to an end, Oliver feels accomplished about the season, despite not winning a ring. He is grateful for all the memories that he has made and he is glad he could play his last season with the people on his team.

“I feel that even though we lost quarterfinals and everyone expecting more, we had an amazing season being the 3rd team in school history to go 10-0,” says Gonzalez.