Star Wars The Last Jedi


Yesenia Diaz, Staff Writer

In a galaxy far far away…..

The Resistance fighters are heading to a new rebel base to transmit a distress call to other rebel bases in the galaxy. Although their attempts to go undetected the First Order finds them and begins an attack. Meanwhile, Rey finds Luke Skywalker to hopefully persuade him to come back to the resistance and train her to be a jedi.

Many Star Wars fans have awaited this next episode for months, but no longer do they have to wait since it was released in theaters on December 15. Although it has only been out for a couple of weeks now, many have already begun to talk about and rate it compared to the past Star Wars episodes.

Some fans are upset that the plot did not corroborate to the fan-made theories that circled around the last episode. Despite the backlash from frustrated fans, many also thought that it explained what Luke did and the story behind Kylo’s conversion to the dark side.

With the introduction of the story behind Kylo and Luke’s history, new creatures to the Star Wars community were shown to the audience, Such as, the hilarious Porgs that showed up to enlighten the intense storyline throughout the movie and the Vulpitces that were shown in Crait.

Towards the end of this episode, many Star War fans were left thinking about what may happen in the next one. Or how long they will wait to see what else is planned ahead for Rey and the Rebellion. Now to prepare for there is no end for the Jedi.