Savannah off to State Champs!


Joanne Quach, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Savannah Landaverry receives an automatic bid to State Championships in Speech and Debate.

Landaverry recently participated in two tournaments, Fall Debate which was held at Garfield High School and Spring Debate at Schurr High School. She placed 2nd in Fall Debate and 1st in Spring Debate. According to guidelines, if you get a placing of 1st and 2nd (or 1st and 1st) in two tournaments during League, you immediately qualify for State Finals.

“It was so unreal [placing 1st in Spring Debate], I wasn’t expecting it at all. Mr. Colvin had looked at me before awards shaking his head, and I was like ‘Great I didn’t make it’. But he ended up just doing that to mess with me. It was a nice surprise,” said Landaverry.

Landaverry is the only debater from Arroyo this year to get an automatic bid to State Finals. However Amaranta Hernandez,12, placed 6th place, Melanie Nhan, 12, placed 7th and Rose Rosco, 10, reached final round in Spring Debate. These finalists had to compete against about 50 other debaters from schools all around the 626 area.

Savannah, along with the other finalist participated in a event called Congress. Congress is focused on legislative topics and whether or not the bills should be passed. They are judged based on three categories: content, evidence and public speaking. There are three judges in prelims and five for the final round.

Landaverry will be going to State Championships in late April, competing against 15 other students for the event Congress. Finals will be held in the bay area in Tracy California.

“I’m really excited because State is such a good experience. It’s a nice excuse to have an overnight trip with your friends and you get to see more of Northern California. Plus you get to meet new people from all over the state and learn new tricks for debate,” states Landaverry.