Super Bowl LII Half-Time Show


Tony Webster

A banner for the 2018 Super Bowl 52 (Super Bowl LII) on Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Britney Nguyen, Staff Writer

On February 8, 2018 at Minneapolis, Minnesota the Philadelphia Eagles faced the New England Patriots for an exciting match. Super Bowl LII halftime performer was Justin Timberlake. He returned to perform at the Super Bowl for a third time. In 2001, Justin Timberlake and his famous boy band N SYNC performed with Aerosmith and Britney Spears. The second time was 2004, the year of the wardrobe malfunction when Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson performed Rock Your Body at Super Bowl XXXVIII. Janet Jackson took most of the blame and her career was never the same. But, Justin Timberlake only took a small amount of the blame from the incident. Janet Jackson did not return to the Super Bowl to perform with Justin Timberlake this time. On Sunday of the game #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay started to trending on Twitter.

The performance started with Justin Timberlake singing his new song Filthy with his adoring fans cheering for him underneath the Minneapolis’ US Bank stadium as he moved closer to the middle of the field. Rock Your Body came next, this could be a nod from the infamous incident that happened in 2004. From there he performed his famous hits like My Love and Cry Me A River. Half way through the performance a dance number was performed on the football field and on a small white stage Justin Timberlake sang Suit and Tie, accompanying him was a full brass marching band whose members were dressed in suit and tie. After the song he quickly began to sing I Will Die 4 U on a white piano behind him was a purple screen and a projection of Prince. The whole stadium was covered in a purple light to pay homage to the famous star who was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Prince. The next performance involved backup dancer holding up reflective mirrors while Justin Timberlake sang his famous hit Mirrors. Ending the halftime show was the famous song from the movie Trolls that Justin Timberlake starred in, Can’t Stop The Feeling.

The halftime show Justin Timberlake performed upset a lot of people because it was not as interesting as last year. People assumed Janet Jackson was going to come back and perform or N SYNC was going to pop out and start singing their famous hits. The show was simple, but a little to simple.