Beware of Earbuds


Yesenia Diaz, Staff Writer

An item that every student have and use in their everyday life may be damaging their hearing. According to, 30% of students have hear loss due to their habit of blasting music.

This condition and many others associated with hearing loss has began growing due to the advancements in technology, such as smartphones, and earbuds. The World Health organization has warned that 1.1 billion teens are at risk of hearing loss due to the portable phones that can create noise up to 120 decibels, which is equivalent to the noise made at a electronic dance music festival.

Although many would think that lowering the volume may be the solution to this problem, that isn’t the case with this. According to The National Institutes of Health, even listening to 85 decibels causes hearing loss, and eventually permanent damage can happen within minutes.

Many people do not know the real effects that comes with this habit. It can cause major damage and can become something irreversible if not caught right away. There’s even a possibility for losing your entire hearing.

Next time, you listen to music or watch a Youtube video, beware of the consequences. Be careful and be responsible for your hearing.