Varsity Girls Wrestling-Amy Mijares


Britney Nguyen, Staff Writer

Sophomore Amy Mijares decided to start wrestling a few days after Thanksgiving because Coach Tran constantly pestered her to join. After trying out she immediately got into girls varsity wrestling.

“At first it didn’t feel like much because people were saying I’d only be in varsity because I was only 189 weight class but then I started going to the varsity tournaments. It felt really good to be up there in the varsity,” says Mijares.

In wrestling you have to be in a certain weight class, some have to either gain or lose weight. But for Amy it wasn’t hard for her to achieve a certain weight.

“For me it wasn’t [hard] because all I had to do was lose a couple of poundsmaybe 10 pounds, but for some people who want to keep cutting for a different weight class it’s pretty hard,” added Mijares.

Mijares’ favorite memory was the first time she actually made it to finals in a tournament.

“It feels great to make it to the finals in a tournament and on the way there you keep feeling that pump after every time you win,” said Mijares.

Before a tournament/match Mijares would listen to music to drown herself from all the people talking because there’s a lot of people at a tournament. Competing in a tournament isn’t easy, but luckily Amy’s confidence pulled through.

“I’d get nervous based on the way the girl would look and that would mess me up but when I was confident it would really help,” replied Mijares.

Unfortunately, on the 2nd day of CIF Mijares could not make it to her match due to a car accident that happened nearby. She was late to her match just by 10 minutes and was disqualified. However, she thought the season was better than she thought but she wishes that she could’ve made it farther.