Victory for Voong


Eddie Nguyen, News Editor

After a couple years of wrestling, senior Andy Voong wrestled his way through all the different obstacles and placed 7th in state. Unlike his amazing achievement, the start of his journey was not as exciting.

“I joined wrestling because some random guy in class said I should,” Andy said.

After tryouts and making the team, Andy’s love for wrestling slowly grew more and more.

Not only did he find a new set of friends, he found a new lifestyle for himself, constantly working out and pushing himself to be his best. Andy actually says he enjoys the constant schedule and routine, it gives him something exciting to do that’ll also benefit.

When asked about his schedule, Andy said “I practiced everyday except Sundays from the start of summer up until now.”

While motivation may be lost for others, Andy never fell short of it. He was always seen as a hard worker and someone who wanted to strive for more. His hard work and effort was obviously shown with his 7th place title in the state competition.

“The idea of having to be the best in my sport is what motivated me to push for more,” Andy said.

Competing against other top wrestlers in the state was an exciting experience for Andy. Despite how tough it might have been, he is grateful for the values that the state wrestling competition has given him. With any sport or activity, there are valuable lessons that will inevitably be learned. This is the same case of course, for Andy.

“Having to compete against other wrestlers in the state was definitely an exciting experience. If there’s anything that it taught me, it is to never give up and to keep a positive attitude throughout everything.” Andy said.

When asked about his thoughts regarding Andy, Coach Tran said, “I think that it’s really satisfying because he worked really hard. He’s very disciplined and sacrificed a lot of hours into training.”

While entering state, Andy had a clear mind and plan to do his very best, now he’s not so sure. The experience competing throughout the whole season was exciting, but his decision to continue wrestling in college is undecided.

“I haven’t decided if I wanted to wrestle in college,” Andy said.