A Step Through Time

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A Step Through Time

Joanne Quach, Editor-in-Chief

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This year’s prom theme is “A Step Through Time” at Quiet Cannon in Montebello. The theme is based on Alice Through the Looking Glass.

“When it came time to decide on a theme, in our hearts we knew that we wanted a very magical/mystical, picturesque theme that suited ours and many others’ abstract and vivid imagination. We thought of plenty of themes before that, but none of them were quite able to stick with us until we decided on Through The Looking Glass. The overall time and enchanted aspect of the movie made us fall in love with the theme and we saw how perfectly the theme name fell into place!,” states Amy La, 11.

After months of venue searching, Quiet Cannon was one of the many options for the 2019 council officers. When the officers went to visit the venue they were instantly blown away by the scenery, it even went with the theme they had in mind.

“We wanted to find a really good venue. There were proms in the past that haven’t been as successful but we were really determined to make the best prom as we possibly could. Since we are in charge of senior year, we wanted to make you guys happy and so we looked everywhere,” said Chris Loekman, 11.

The @arroyoprom2018 account posted 6 prom hints on Instagram, leaving many Juniors and Seniors confused for weeks on what the prom theme could be.

Here is what each hint means:

Hint 1: An image of the ocean with crippling waves and the moon reflecting over the water. On the image was the word “REFLECT” and its definition “(v.) to cast light upon something”. The word “reflect” represents the reflection of the mirror in “Through the Looking Glass”.

Hint 2: An image of a small red heart with a blue background. The red heart represents the character, the Queen of Hearts.

Hint 3: An image of a pair of sunglasses with the view of the ocean and the sun setting. On the image was the word “DREAM” and its definition “(v.) to indulge in desired fantasies”. In the movie “Through the Looking Glass” the setting involves a fantasy “dream-like” land that consists of talking animals and bright neon colors.

Hint 4: An image of a clock with white Roman numerals except for VII (7), which was red. The clock represents time, prom will begin at 7 PM.

Hint 5: An image of the sky with a crescent moon, pink clouds, and blue sky. On the image was the word “EUPHORIA” and its definition “(v.) feeling of excitement & happiness”. Through the unique and extraordinary scenery, Alice felt an intense sensation of euphoria.

Hint 6: An image of the alphabet on a yellow background with the letters B U H C Q J M O S Y F I K V P R Q X Z T. The letters missing were A D E G L N, which spell out England. England is where Through the Looking Glass takes place.

The 2019 officers truly put in all their effort to make this year’s prom “one for the books”. They made prom their top priority by preparing for it all year, from the constant fundraising to the late night prom planning.

“I just really hope everyone has a really good time and that the seniors have a memorable prom to look back on,” says Veronica Castro, 11.