Prom Preparation: Girls Edition


Britney Nguyen, Staff Writer

Prom is just around the corner and girls are frantically preparing for the big event. From hair to makeup and to the incredibly important dress there are a lot of things females have to do to prepare. First things first, getting the dress. From online shopping to going to the actual store or even borrowing from a friend, finding a nice and cheap dress is hard. This year, David’s Bridal and Friar Tux are giving a special discount for Arroyo students looking for a prom dress or tux. A lot of effort and searching goes into finding the perfect prom dress.

“I decided to go to prom two weeks before the event took place, however, I realized I only had two weeks to find a dress. Frantically, I went to the mall but couldn’t find a dress. Instead, I decided to go to Macy’s and I found a dress. The dress was too big on me but I thought it was fine and I could make it work so I bought it anyway. I realized that I couldn’t fix it so I ordered a new one online. The straps were too long on the new dress and I don’t have enough time to get it fixed. Before prom, I’ll try to safety pin the dress so it will fit.” said Nancy Xie, 11

After, comes the makeup from going with no makeup, natural look, or full glam. Searching for the right look for the dance is difficult for people who don’t know what look they intend to do. People could make an appointment with a makeup artist, ask a friend to do their makeup, do it themselves, or simply go bare face.

“I’ve decided to go for something very simplistic, I’m not that great with makeup so I just hope I won’t screw it up on the day of prom. I will probably watch tutorials on youtube an hour before actually leaving for prom,” said Vivian Dinh, 12

Up next, nails you can either go get them done at a salon or save money and do them yourself.

On the day of prom, some will decide to do their hair in a simple ponytail or curl to a complex braided updo. Trying to find the right hairstyle can be simple or really hard to do.

“I am taking a simple route and just curling my hair instead of doing anything complicated,” said Cynthia Tran, 12.

Even though prom takes a lot of effort and a lot of money totaling about $350 to $500. Everyone should try to go to it at least once during their high school career.