Together we unite in the Blue, Black and White


Senior continuing the tradition and running around the track the last time.

Yesenia Diaz, Editor-in-Chief

Arroyo Knights walk through the halls filled with excitement and anxiety for this may be their first or last Blue, Black and White Assembly. Wearing the school colors and glitter that mask their faces showing their pride and spirit on this exciting day.

Once seated amongst friends and possible bleacher sharks, a voice comes through the speakers and announces the beginning of the assembly. They began to start the Assembly with a Scream-off between the classes to see who has the most spirit. All the classes get their turn but the final two classes, Seniors and Juniors, finish off the Scream-off with the class of 2020 winning the first Scream-off.

As the classes competed in the Scream Off, the class representatives walked around in excitement as they chose students who volunteered to play the class games. In the first game, two volunteers would switch off as they filled cups of water and carry them to a bucket on the other side with a flimsy tray. Juniors won the first game by filling the bucket with the most amount of water.

After the first activity, Coach Jim Singiser came to introduce the fall sports captains and thanked everyone for the support the teams have received from the numerous amount of Knights who have

Band performing this years’ field show performance with ease

attended the games.

As the fall sports captains walked back to their seats, Mr. Joe Massaro, band director, introduces all of the band section leaders and the officers. Once they are all introduced, band began to perform the beginning of this years’ field show titled “Enigma”. Students sat In silence as they hear the  band begin to play. Time almost stops as all the instrument began to play in harmony and within minutes it ends. After the performance, they follow up with an amazing performance of Jennifer Lopez’s On the Floor.

As the instruments silenced, the next game is announced. This game consists of a four-part relay race. The volunteers have to go through 3 obstacles before reaching the finish line. These obstacles include spinning til the volunteer is dizzy, eating an entire lemon and final eating a donut that is hangs from string. Seniors took the lead in the relay race and won the second game.

Music blasts as the teachers walk to the field in costumes that range from Harley Quinn to Bob Ross. A banner that revealed the loading screen to the most popular game in Arroyo FortKnite: Battle Royale. As Mr. Daniel Ingram taunts and teases Mr. Alfredo Salazar for being a noob, he does not know what Salazar is planning. With a strategic move, Salazar wins the game with the Almighty Knight he kept hidden away.

As the teachers cleaned up after the epic game of FortKnite, Mrs. Angie Gonzales, principal, Mr. Joaquin Valdez, Assistant Principal of Student Services, and Mrs. Ronda Logan dance amazingly to the In My Feelings challenge. As they dance, members of Cheer and teachers followed

The cheerleaders hype up the crowd with a lively performance.

in pursuit .

As the music finishes, Arroyo’s cheer team performed in front of all of Blue, Black and White Assembly and show off all their hard work that they have put into their performances. As they finished up their performance, ASB began to announce the theme of this years’ homecoming by doing a skit that involved them changing the theme to country, High School Musical and finally Un Poco Loco which is inspired by the movie Coco.

Senior continuing the tradition and running around the track the last time.

The Alma Mater begins to ring signaling the end of this years’ Blue, Black and White assembly. As Arroyo’s anthem comes to an end the final words cling to the air, Our hearts are true to the black, white and blue.