Club Corner: Badminton Club


Muskaan Sandhu, Staff Writer

Badminton is one of the numerous clubs at Arroyo High School. Their mission is to make the students get a better understanding of badminton and to make the students have a good time with their friends. Also, it gives students on campus a chance to play and practice the sport and is an exercise outlet.

The club meets every Tuesday in Room 27 to discuss practices and any other news that they have gotten on the club.

The club officers are the following: President: Enran Wu, 12 Vice President: Bryant Chen, 10 Publicity: Ryan Ly, 10 Treasurer: Chuong Phan, 10, Club Advisor: Ms. Hannah Martin

There are about 50 members in the club. Members are required to come on Wednesdays and Thursdays after school to practice. They meet behind the small gym, and practice 3:00 to 4:00.

Ms. Martin, the club advisor, said that her favorite part of the club is watching the members play and enjoy themselves. “Watching them play is probably my favorite part,” said Ms. Martin.

The goal for Badminton is to make the members of the club get more knowledge about the sport and get along and have fun with each other. Mrs. Martin also mentioned, “They enjoy playing”

If the club seems like something you would like to be a part of, “No, it’s never too late to join”. To join you can talk to Ms. Martin in room 27 or any of the club members.