Knights on a Budget

Alexandrea Servin, Staff writer

Recently I went to the mall and spent $50 on a lip gloss and beauty sponge which is a lot money for two products. However this inspired me to talk about the beauty products we use daily and how pricey they really are. Most girls wear makeup everyday, which can get pretty expensive if you have to keep restocking it.

“I spend about $80 every time I go get makeup.” shares senior Jade Holden. Having said this I asked the Lady Knights what’s their monthly beauty budgets. “I can spend about $500 a month, depending on what I get or need.” says senior Noemi Bautista. After hearing this I decided to do some research to find everyone a cheaper, but excellent alternative.

I came across lots of good and affordable products , I even came across a new brand called CopyCat beauty which literally makes dupes of many people’s favorite brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, Tarte, Mac and many more.

 “I really like the Nars blush, but it’s pretty expensive so a dupe I found for it is the Elf cosmetics blush, and it’s only $3” mentions senior, Jaci Vargas.

For all of the male Knights out there I also did some research for you. I’ve found that there’s not a lot of male skin care or beauty care items out there, however all skincare and makeup is universal and can be used on anyone however they’d like to use it, but a dupe for the Clinique for men charcoal face wash is the Alba Botanica warming Hawaiian detox face scrub, which is only $5 on the Walmart website.

Having researched all of this I also noticed that female products are more expensive than male products, which is strange if you ask me. For example a Manscaped perfect package is $79.99, which includes an Electric Trimmer , Safety Razor,  Anti- chafing ball deodorant and a Toner/ refresher, However for a women’s 3 step balanced bundle by Tula is $98.00, almost 100 dollars for 3 things.

Having said all of this i’ve come to the conclusion that makeup and skincare products are very expensive especially if your a younger person who doesn’t have a job. So i’ve linked some websites with great affordable items down below. If you didn’t see your favorite dupe or you know a good one we didn’t  catch feel free to post it on instagram and tag us or comment it for your fellow knights to see.