Rivalry Week 2021

Alicia Naranjo-Champion, Editor-in-chief

Without the thrill of attending Arroyo football games or the excitement of assemblies like Blue Black and White, remote learning may seem dull. However, Arroyo’s ASB hopes to raise school spirit by holding a virtual rivalry week.

ASB President Jenibelle Ho explained, “Traditionally rivalry week would be an in-person spirit week to hype up the rival football game, but since we are not in person, the rival week will be hosted through social media.” 

The week, planned by both Arroyo and Rosemead’s ASBs, will host various themed days. To enter, students can either tag or DM @arroyoasb on Instagram or send their submissions to [email protected].


Panther Pride VS Blue Pride Monday:

Share a photo of your favorite pre-covid memory and or club activity.

Fresh Fit Tuesday:

Share a photo of the outfit you weren’t able to wear. 

Nighty Night Knight VS Here Kitty Kitty Wednesday:

Share a photo of your pet or stuffed animal.

We are #1 Thursday:

Share a photo of yourself wearing your sports jersey/your favorite school sports memory. 

School Color War Friday:

Share a photo of yourself in BBW attire. 


Ms. Witt pointed out that the only students who will have spent a full year on campus next year will be the class of 2022. This raises the question of how Arroyo traditions will be carried on. “I would tell the freshmen who have never taken classes on campus that Arroyo school pride is a big deal …. Obviously, school spirit is down due to not being in person, but here’s a good chance to revive it,” said Ho.

Ho hopes that by participating throughout the week, students will feel more connected to Arroyo. “Prior to distance learning, the rivalry week has always been taken very seriously at Arroyo, and although it definitely doesn’t feel the same this year, participating will show the Panthers WHO WE ARE,” said Ho.