Staff Triumphs Over Students in Ultimate Frisbee

Michelle Duan, Editor

Many watched as the last throw was caught by Ed Gomez, AP and Biology teacher at Arroyo High School, scoring the last–and winning–point of the Staff versus Students Ultimate Frisbee game. The game ended with a win for the teachers, scoring 6-5, a trophy for their triumph awarded to them. Taking place in the stadium, students packed onto the bleachers to watch the game, cheering and supporting their friends and school staff. 

Among the teachers, many found that they could bond with others. Through a team sport, they came together to bring upon new memories.

The game was great, it is always fun to get together with students outside of the classroom.” Ed Gomez, AP biology and biology teacher, stated. “It’s also a great chance to get to know my fellow teachers with whom I wouldn’t normally interact.”

The students also had a similar experience, working together efficiently to put up a close match. By exercising together and collaborating new strategies, new friendships were born and bonds honed. 

“I thought that the game was really competitive and exciting,” Efrain Carbajal, senior, recollects. “You should bring clothes that you can run and move in.” 

The game had overall great turnout, with many students coming to watch and record. Many also volunteered to join in, with new students cycling into the game at a time. 

“I really enjoyed playing in the game. I also enjoyed seeing the student body in the stands watching and cheering on during the game.” Math and computer science teacher, Arianne Hernandez, commented. 

Even though most students were watching, they had a lot to say about the game. Watching the tackles, throws, and runs in real time, they certainly also felt the same excitement that the players did. 

Carmen Cuevas, a junior who observed from the bleachers, writes. “It was great seeing how much fun the students and staff were having. Even though it was pretty hot, I’d say it was worth it because the game was really entertaining.“ 

Amongst the players, every single participant was a winner. Though, some staff and students went above and beyond, taking the game to a new level. 

“I believe Coach Chuck should be MVP, he made the most passes and was a natural leader throughout the process.” Gomez says. 

There were also some spins on the games that were added in, such as squirt guns. This added a unique spin for both the watchers and the players as the game was spiced up with more unpredictability. 

 “We mixed it up this week with some squirt guns to distract the kids.” Katy Melvey, PE teacher, said. “It totally worked.” 

 After the game, many had much to say about future games and welcoming other players to participate. 

“It’s fun, it’s silly, and it’s just a good time. And there are no skills required! I went into Ultimate Frisbee knowing that my frisbee throwing skills are sub-par and I had a great time cheering from the sideline and doing my best to get in the way of the student team on the field.” English teacher, Hannah Phelps, added.  

Along with the changes in the games, they want all those who wish to play to take the opportunity to. The participants are eager to welcome more players into their teams, inviting all those on campus to join. 

Johnny Quintana, currently in his junior year, speaks about people who might be contemplating whether or not to join. “Don’t be scared to try new things, you’ll meet some awesome people.” 

The teams were composed of Brandon Favian, Daniel Jin, Johnny Quintana, Nathan Solorzano, Jonathan Espitia, Raymond Pardo, Jesse Lopez, Kris Corona, Daniel Sanchez, Moises Martinez, Efrain Carbajal, Joseph Marconi, and Enner Morale for the students, and Mr. Gomez, Mr. Hake, Mr. Roura, Mr. Sandoval, Ms. Hernandez, Mr. Bermejo, Mr. Casteneda, Heather Moulton, Ms. Flores, Coach Chuck, Mr. Reyes, and Ms. Melvey for the staff.