Surviving Finals Week 2022

Vanessa Barraza, Linda Huynh, Staff Writers

As winter break approaches students are preparing for finals. Students are wrapping up their first semester with finals. This marks the end of the first semester and the beginning of the second semester. 

Every student has a different final from other students. At the same time, some students are nervous about their math final while others are worried about their English final.

“I’m nervous for my English (final),” said senior Daniel Leanos, “English is going to be the hardest.”

Most Knights have six finals and are hopeful that they will pass. 

“I have six finals.” Estrada said, “I’m pretty sure I am going to pass.” 

Most students don’t have to be nervous about every final. For example, physical education such as team sports is a class that not many students are nervous about. 

“My easiest final would probably be team sports.” states senior, Marlen Estrada 

“The easiest final will be team sports.” Daniel Leanos said. 

Some students worry they may not have enough time to complete their finals. 

“The final I am most nervous for is my art final. I have an extreme fear that I will not finish.” Senior, Julene Gomez said. 

Students with AP classes have been stressing about their finals because AP classes are harder but the students are trying their best to study to their capabilities in order to pass their finals. 

“My AP Bio test will for sure be the hardest,” said Estrada, “I’ve been trying to study but it’s hard to focus.” 

While some students are studying for their final, others choose not to study and instead rely on their knowledge of the subject.

“I’m just absorbing whatever my teacher gives me for the final, answering study guide questions,” junior Finn Rameriez stated, “I don’t study.” 

Some teachers gave students the opportunity to do their final before finals week to make the students not as stressed out about finals. 

“All my classes have started our finals early,” Julene said, “So thankfully we have an idea of the actual final.”

A few teachers chose not to tell their students what the final will be ahead of time, leaving it as a surprise on the day of the final.

“I don’t know what my finals are about,” says Finn, “I hope I pass.” 

Although finals will be a stressful week for students, there are still some finals that students look forward to doing such as elective finals. 

“My favorite final(s) will be my graphic design and art,” Julene said, “they both involve which is something I enjoy.” 

Periods like athletics may not have such important finals for their athletes as other periods do. 

“I have five finals. I would say six, but I don’t count Athletics.” Sophomore Liliana Bimbela stated. 

While some students may be preparing for their finals by not studying and hoping for the best. Other students prepare by going over what they have been taught and even by a study group.

“I’m preparing by reviewing old lessons and talking about it with my friends,” Liliana said.