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First Class of 2024 Sunrise Gathering

Seniors Tommy To and Jaden Chan enjoying the fun activities at the sunrise event.

Senior Sunrise 

Senior students bonded together to celebrate the annual Senior Sunrise in a low-setting event at the baseball field on Friday, September 29. 

Seniors gather together to commemorate the morning as they start off the new school year with the senior event known as Senior Sunrise. The event was filled with music, food, games, and handwritten letters. 

“It looks like a good outcome, I was doubtful about the amount of people that would come in at 5 a.m., 6 a.m., but it looks really full and cheerful. I’m really happy about it,” said Krissia Valle. 

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Despite the early hours students had to arrive, they did not fail to show up to the event eager to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Senior Sunrise is the first senior event of the school year dedicated to the graduating class. 

“It is one of the first senior activities everyone will be involved in and the majority of the schools do this as well I think it is just a fun way to start the senior year,” explains Jaqueline He, Class Council President of 2024. 

To dedicate this significant event, the Class Council of 2024 surrounded students with backdrops and props to take photos of their first senior activity of the 2023-2024 school year. Before the event, students were allowed to pre-order a variety of breakfast burritos for only $3. At Senior Sunrise students had the option to also buy the burritos at the event for the same price.

Along with the burritos, there were free doughnuts and free orange juice for students. In fact, the burritos were made by the mother of Zulani Valencia, the Treasurer of Class Council 2024. 

Besides the fun activities, music, and good burritos, this year’s Senior Sunrise was different than anticipated. Due to the reconstruction of the field, students were not able to celebrate the annual Senior Sunrise in the stadium. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, and instead, it was a cloudy morning but students did not let that ruin their event while they still enjoyed their time. 

“I do think that the next class council is going to be so much better, and much more comfortable. Although we didn’t get to see the sun I’m sure it would have been a good view, but I still would have preferred it to be on the football field.” Krissia Valle, explains. 

The change of location was a bit disappointing to most students. 

Isabella Reyes, Nikki Yah, Marlene Ruiz and Carissa Ramirez all enjoy commemorating their senior sunrise.

As traditionally, Senior Sunrise is held on the football field. Other students did not mind having the event held on the baseball field rather than the football field. 

“I think the baseball was good because it kept it compacted so everyone was still close together and I don’t think we needed that much space so I think the baseball field was a good choice.” Samantha Gutierrez said. 

Together students had mixed feelings and emotions surrounding the location change of Senior Sunrise. Despite all of the changes, students still shared a lasting memory with friends and fellow classmates. 

Senior Sunrise was organized by Ms. Crystal Mercado, the Class Council Advisor of 2024, and Librarian along with the Senior Class Council. Mrs. Mercado goes in-depth about the work, time, and planning, of the overall sentimental but casual event.

“So a month, just to start talking about it but it doesn’t take the full month to plan it all, it’s more like okay let’s reserve the facility, let us make sure we know what backdrops you guys want, it’s more like that,” said Mrs. Mercado. 

When asked about Mrs. Mercado’s expectations for Senior Sunrise, she replied, “I think my expectations are for the students to just come and enjoy this event and this time together, but no high expectations.” said Mrs. Mercado. 

Alongside Mrs. Mercado, there was help from the Class Council of 2024 who organized the event, specifically the officers like Jacqueline He the President, Natalie Dunkelman the Vice President, Jasmine Le the Secretary, Zulani Valencia the Treasurer, and Krissia Valle the Commissioner. Jacqueline He, the President of the Class Council of 2024 explained briefly about the location change of Senior Sunrise. 

“Like every other year, we wanted it to be at the football field, however, luckily we have the baseball field we are able to do that… I hope that despite the location change everyone can still have some fun there,” Jacqueline He explained. 

Students spent the event surrounded by friends and classmates with the bittersweet thought of the beginning of their last year of high school. Indeed Senior Sunrise was still a successful turnout and a memorable event for the senior class of 2024. 

“It was good, just glad I got to spend it with the people I love and just made a good memory to have.” Karissa Blanco said.

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