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Food Booth Brings Smiles and Full Bellies

Dr. Ortiz supports ASB by purchasing a Tito’s sandwich from Krissia Valle as Kim Garcia looks on.

For Arroyo’s second Food Booth event students rushed to Rally Square to buy food that club officers and sports team leaders sold to fundraise for their organizations. It was made possible by the ASB and ICC Committee through a lot of hard work and advertisement. The event took place on November 3rd, it was a big success and a joy for many students and staff members. 

“[I had] potato tacos, a Titos sandwich, and nachos. But my favorite item was the churros, even though they weren’t really warm, they were still really good,” senior Emma Olivas said.

Rally Square was crowded with people in line or searching for their next meal. Some changes to this Food Booth made it easier for the consumer to get around and buy items. 

“Having frames that allow the signs to hang up high and allows it for people to see from a distance and see what they may like” Direct of Student Affairs, Mr. Dara Sem said.

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There were so many different foods available for students and faculty. There was the CSF club selling hot Cheetos with cheese, the Westling teams selling potato tacos, the National Honors Society selling Spicy Ramen, the drama club selling cotton candy, the girls soccer teams selling Carne Asada Nachos, and much more. In total, there were 35 different Arroyo organizations selling food at Food Booth.

“We sold Springrolls. We put a week [of planning] into it because we had to call the vendors and arrange the donations. The last time we sold spring rolls, it was a success. So we decided to do it again,” senior and colorguard member, Zulani Valencia said.

Food booth helps Arroyo’s clubs and sports teams fundraise money. The money they make can be used to help the clubs and teams pay for expenses and have a great season or school year.

“It helps them fundraise for scholarships, extra uniforms, extra equipment, trips, or tournaments that they need to go to. Depending on what they sell they can make a lot of money,” Mr. Sem said.

Many booths sold out of food and raised a good amount of money. There was so much variety in food that people were able to find something that appealed to them.

“I personally thought the event was a huge success. I got a lot of compliments from people about the signs. There was so much variety, I saw people excited, and kids came up to me saying it was a great event,” Mr. Sem said.

There was a lot of effort and planning involved in this event. The event was organized by ASB and the ICC which consists of ASB Vice President Gabriella Castro (11), club leaders like presidents, treasurers, and representatives, and Mr. Sem advising them. Even though organizing this event was easier the second time around, a majority of time and effort was put into poster making.

“I think I dropped the ball, as well as the ICC dropped the ball in the advertising for the food booth event because I did have some people come up to me not knowing that Food Booth was coming up. Morning announcements aren’t enough. We need to improve on sending out emails, flyers, and posters a lot sooner,” said Mr. Sem.

Even though the advertisements and promotions for Food Booth were sent out late to students and were not posted on Parent Square, the event was a big success. Many students and faculty looked forward to this event and ended up truly enjoying it because they got to taste so much delicious food and socialize with friends.

“As my final event before stepping down as director of student affairs, I wanted to go out with a bang. People have said this is the best food booth ever. That melted my heart, it made me feel like I met the goal,” Mr. Sem said.

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