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Girls Wrestling Athlete of the Month – Destiny Huitron


As Varsity Captain, Destiny Huitron continues to shine bright, she has earned the honor and recognition of being named Girls Wrestler of the Month. 

Destiny is a junior and has been on the Varsity Wrestling team for all 3 years now. She did a few months of wrestling when she was in 7th grade, stopped for about a year, and began again her freshman year. She has found a special passion and place on this team through hard work and dedication. 

“Something that motivates me is winning and getting better…I think I contribute to the team by getting points when we have league duals and motivating the other girls on my team,” expressed Destiny. Destiny has put in endless hours of workouts, matches, and practices to continue her grind of always becoming a stronger, healthier, and overall a better athlete. 

The sport of wrestling is full of all kinds of different moves and tricks that these athletes must perfect in order to use in a match. 

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“My favorite wrestling move is probably blast doubles,” stated Destiny. Blast Doubles are a type of takedown used to ultimately “blast through” the opponent’s strength. 

“Hanging out with the team at tournaments and seeing them so happy about winning,” Destiny explained when asked what her favorite memories consisted of when competing for Arroyo. Destiny is a team player, she is a dedicated and caring captain who notices little details throughout events and is always looking out for her teammates. 

There is no doubt that Destiny has put in an endless amount of effort throughout her years at Arroyo but she could not have stayed as motivated and determined without her coaches, specifically Coach Tran. 

“My biggest mentor is Coach Tran, he helps me out a lot in wrestling and outside of wrestling,” expressed Destiny. 

Coach Tran along with the input of several other wrestling coaches as well as Athletic Director, Mrs. Melvey ultimately decided to name Destiny Huitron, Girls Wrestler of the Month, due to several aspects of her work ethic and leadership stance.

“Destiny is a natural leader who has worked tirelessly this season and has shown a lot of promise in her successes in competitions,” stated Coach Tran. Through Destiny’s leadership qualities and extreme dedication, she has shown promising attributes to the team.

“Strengths” are not only what physical capabilities one has, but also mental and mindset related strengths as Coach Tran explained Destiny impressively possesses. “She has a natural ability to act on her instincts and not hesitate. This allows her to seize opportunities that are often fleeting. She also is 100% invested in the program and sport which allows her to savor the grind of training,” expressed Coach Tran. 

Although Destiny has been an amazing addition to Arroyo’s Varsity Wrestling team, there is always room for improvement and growth in several ways which she has proven to be possible through the years. 

“Destiny has risen from a mere participant to a team captain and role model by her dedication and actions. As a team captain, she has grown to be more vocal in expressing her role as a leader,” stated Coach Tran. 

Destiny Huitron has grown and established her special place on the Wrestling team while training and working hard throughout these past 3 years. A piece of advice Destiny has to share is to “never give up no matter how hard the obstacle is.” She has worked endlessly and tirelessly to never stop getting better and improving so it is safe to say her piece of advice is indeed reliable and trustworthy. 

Undeniably, Destiny is a true inspiration who has a bright future full of potential ahead of her, both as a wrestler and as a team leader. Coach Tran shared his final thoughts on Destiny, “there is a fearless warrior inside her that is aching to be unleashed. Once Destiny figures that out, she will be unstoppable.”

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