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Boys varsity tennis team Clifton Nghiem(12), Axcel Garcia(12), Chris Tu(12), Jacky Hu(12), and Nathan Phu(10) playing the hula-hoop game.
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April 10, 2024
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March 20, 2024

The Coquette Trend


Coquette hair, Coquette straw, Coquette drink, and even a Coquette big mac are just some of the many random things people come up with, using Coquette to label it. The Coquette trend is participated by many people all around the world and found funny. 


But, what is the coquette trend and where did it come from? The word coquette has been around since the 1600s. The word was invented by Randle Cotgrave, a lexicographer who used the word in his writing in 1611. Cotgrave was most known for creating a bilingual dictionary of the English Language. 


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The term “Coquette” was mainly used on women who were considered “flirts.” These ‘coquette’ women would manipulate or even flatter men to essentially get what they want. Without showing genuine affection a Coquette woman compels men to give them whatever she may admire. Coquette in this society nowadays is considered to be a sense of style and aesthetic of elegance with a ribbon or bow added to top it off. The bow itself is considered as coquette because of its significance to the trend. 


The trend of Coquette began rising in popularity all around the social media world around 2022. With pets, purses, backpacks, even people being tied with a ribbon and being labeled as “coquette,” The ribbon signifies anything being coquette just by adding the ribbon onto it.

The coquette trend generally includes lace material, pastel pink colors, and fancy classy fashion. Mainly girls participating in this trend have a certain sense of style. Although boys also participate in this trend, the majority of the trend has been girls. Some of these girls have been wearing bows and ribbons since they were kids. 

“I think the coquette trend is cute and I’m glad it’s back because it reminds me of when I was younger and would wear bows as a kid,”says senior Janelle Alexis. Bows and ribbons have been around for a long time but have never been considered as a world wide trend. 


“My favorite thing about the coquette trend is that it brings people’s childhood memories back to when we would wear bows as a kid. I also like how cute and clean it is on a girl. The bows, the pink, and the lace clothes are so cute. adding bows to an outfit makes such a difference to the outfit itself because the bow is just like an accessory,” adds Janelle. 


The coquette trend has brought so many people together to participate in the cute and wholesome trend. It brought back many memories to girls who have been wearing bows growing up. Now that bows and ribbons are back in style and considered coquette, everyone, even adults are ready to rock the new coquette trending style. 


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