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Boys varsity tennis team Clifton Nghiem(12), Axcel Garcia(12), Chris Tu(12), Jacky Hu(12), and Nathan Phu(10) playing the hula-hoop game.
Spring Sports Rally
April 10, 2024
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March 20, 2024

Spring 24′ Officers

As we continue in the second semester of this school year, the complete list of ASB officers and commissioners was released and publicized to Arroyo students and staff on January 30th. Every year there are ASB elections that determine who will be the student body officers for a whole year, and those elected determine the ASB cabinet. This new group of committed ASB officers and commissioners will lead and organize school events for the rest of the school year.

ASB officer elections took place in December before the start of the second semester. These officers are the main leaders in charge of making sure ASB continues to be a well-oiled machine that organizes events like dances, pep rallies, senior nights, and much more.

“60-65 people applied. Out of a school of about 1700 or so, we could have more, but it is not bad,” said Mr. Brendan Buono, Student Affairs Director who is a new Arroyo staff member after previously being the director at Rosemead High School. 

Students were able to cast their vote by checking their emails and following a link to a ballot. Participation was low but Mr. Buono plans to improve that this year. 

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“We had between 100-200 people physically participate. That probably is worse than the 60-65 participating because the officers are helping pick the commissioners as well. The idea that we have a small portion of people choosing them is not ideal. It would be better to get more people to participate, which is my goal for this year,” said Mr. Buono.

The results of the election were Krissia Valle as ASB President, Gabriella Castro as Vice President, Karen Andrade Lima as Secretary, and Jasmine Lee as Treasurer, they are the main officers. The commissioners elected were Krystal Henriquez as the Speaker of the Court, Ophelia Musser as Activities Commissioner, Haley Pham as the girls’ athletics commissioner, and Damian Casillas as the boys’ athletics commissioner.

“They [the names listed] are elected for an entire year, all of the other commissioners once the election is done, then they apply and have to interview. The cabinet or officers then select who would be in that position. Elections for officers are first. Then commissioners apply but they only apply and are in for one semester and have to reapply the second semester. Whereas the president and all the officers serve for an entire year.” said Mr. Buono.

Many people interviewed for the commissioner positions and at the end of January people heard back if they were accepted or not. “The commissioners that were appointed this semester, there are a lot of new faces. The more people that we get to participate, the better,” said Mr. Buono.

The officer and commissioner positions require different responsibilities. Officers instruct and guide commissioners on their different duties. Officers are the leaders of ASB and keep the train on the tracks to make sure tasks and events run smoothly.

“The officers, I like to see them more as a managerial style. They run meetings, they appoint tasks to commissioners, they guide commissioners, they point them in the direction that they are supposed to be going. Checking in on them, making sure they go to events. The officers have a more super visor type role but they still participate and go to events. It [the responsibilities] does depend on the position you’re in. We have a constitution that has specifics for each officer and commission,” said Mr. Buono.

Although ASB is a big commitment and comes with many responsibilities, overall officers and commissioners have a great time making new friendships, getting involved at school, and organizing events that students and staff greatly enjoy.

Mr. Buono shared that he asked members of ASB why they chose to join and “they said ASB is portrayed as a fun club and people join for college purposes as it stands out. I would say that if they’re interested in leadership then obviously being a part of running the school dances, student life, and activities is a part of that. I argue that the more involved you are in school the more fun you have. It is seen as a fun club even though you have to be elected by the people in charge. I would hope it is because they want to be involved. ASB is an easy way to be involved because you have your finger on everything.”

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