“Learning” something new

Service Learning has replaced Teacher Assistants in hopes of providing a more education classroom experience.

Amanda Medina, Staff Writer

To fit the required standards outlined by not only the state but the El Monte Union High School District, Service Learning has replaced lab assistants.

The objective of Service Learning is to avoid having students be put into a classroom waiting for teachers to give them instructions. Students should be able to walk into class and expect assignments to be done daily.

“As a Service Learning student, you are expected to come out of that certain class knowing how to do specific things,” Assistant of Student Services, Dr. Joaquin Valdez clarified  about what goals Service Learning has in store for the year. “It’s not just like you are being pushed into a class where you have to figure things out.”

The program has requirements students must fulfill in order to take participate.

“You have to be credit and core current; it’s only open to students in grades 11 and 12,” Dr. Valdez stated. “ You also need satisfactory citizenship, school attendance, have no full-day truancies, and approval from the teacher.”

In addition, Service Learning ensures there is an educational context and purpose students are serving. Teachers are now instructed to give assessments to these students on what they learned and how they manage their time.

“Teachers have the option of giving students the ability to formulate an presentation detailing what did they learned and what did they get out of the experience,” explained Dr. Valdez. “Students can also identify new applicable skills they learned while taking this course.”

All assessments will be sent electronically to Dr. Valdez for his approval and managed by his office. He emphasizes that Service Learning is does not consist of students just sitting in a class five days a week doing nothing. Participants will still be eligible for five credits but will learn key points and useful skills by the end of the year.