Fashion Spotlight – Lesly Gutierrez

“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.”


Amanda Medina, Staff Writer

With new seasons come new trends. However, when it comes to certain individuals they enjoy the change so they can bend the rules of fashion and come up with their own unique style to stand out from the rest. Individuals like Lesly Gutierrez, 12.

Gutierrez likes to follow the latest trend but mixes and matches her style by finding inspiration in  fashion icons like Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel Green from the  Friends. Gutierrez stated, “I like Rachel Green outfits.”

One of her favorite outfits included a gray shirt tucked in with a “cheeky” plaid skirt while wearing black nylons underneath with black heels booties. To complete Gutierrez’s look she wore a bold trench denim jacket to make the outfit really stand out. “At first, I wanted to wear a regular denim jacket, but I thought it was too simple. Instead I went with the denim trench coat,” explained Gutierrez.  

During the fall season, Gutierrez enjoys thrifting at local stores including Savers. Gutierrez described Savers as “convenient and cheap.”  Gutierrez also added that her thrifting experience is where “you can find unique things.”

When it comes to fashion  Gutierrez planned to be bold and fun while choosing what to wear. Gutierrez goes by the saying “ Life is too short to wear boring clothes,” when she ever needed style inspiration.