Mr. Reyes

George Reyes has been hired by the district as the new Career Guidance Coordinator.


Joanne Quach, Contributing Writer

George Reyes, former Arroyo alumni class of 1990, has recently been hired as the new Career Guidance Coordinator.

After high school, he traveled to CSULA where he earned his Bachelor’s and Point Loma Nazarene University for his Graduate Degree. Both were in political science.

While his aspiration was to become a lawyer, after an internship in law firm at CSULA, Reyes realized law was not for him. This is when he decided his path was to “share with students by letting them know ‘how to know yourself’” and how to plan a career based on “wants and desires.”

Reyes had previously been assigned by the district to work at Rosemead and South El Monte High School. Changes in school funding however, created similar positions at every school in the district and thus an opening at Arroyo.

As career guidance coordinator, his job is to help students locate their “post-secondary plan” as well as making them aware of their academic progress towards A-G completion. Students who are community college bound, Reyes assists in certificate and vocational programs.

“Whatever students may choose, from the military to the world of work, we try to tune them into resources in order for them to make the most of whatever career journey they take,” said Reyes.

With Reyes working full time, he plans to develop a systematic approach to meeting with all grade levels.

“For freshman, they can do more career exploration where they will identify a specific industry that they may be linked with. As sophomores, they link that industry path with careers within that,” explained Reyes, “Next, as juniors, linking those careers with colleges that support the major. Lastly, as seniors, I will be helping them with college applications, financial aid, recommendation letters and scholarships.”

Regardless that he is the “new kid on the block” Mr. Reyes is “loving” Knights territory. He encourages students to “get involved, follow interests, start early and connect with adults that would support you.”