Varsity Football

Alexandrea Servin, staff writer

Friday night lights are back and the Knights couldn’t be happier, though the team had a rough start they have made a come back.

  “The season started off slow but once we got the chemistry going, our team began to make progress” says senior Jared Hernandez.

  They came up short against Bonita with a score of 42-24 but quickly made a comeback against Nogales with a score of 42-7 dominating, keeping the winning streak against Shurr (31-10) and South Pasadena (52-7).

  The 2018-2019 Knight football team has been working harder than ever to make it to league. With the coaches pushing the boys to the top they are bound to make it. “Our priorities don’t change,we want to do as well as we can preseason.” shares Coach Jim Singiser.

  With that being said the boys have to work hard and keep their eyes on the prize. “They know it’s going to be a special year, so they have to prepare us for it,” mentions junior Dylan Leonardis.

 This year’s team is a “mixed bag” having some players starting this year, or having players who’ve been playing all four years. Regardless, the varsity team is still pretty talented.

  “With [Ernesto] Camacho being here three years as a starter, it helps,” says Coach Chuck Leonardis. “We can’t take last years identity and think it’s the same team. We’ve got to make our own path.”

  This Friday, the Arroyo Knights are facing off with rivals the Rosemead Panthers. And the Knights are hungry for a win.

  “Our coaches motivate us to be our best,” says senior Jose Castro. So make sure to go to the Arroyo Link Crew tailgate which starts at 5:30 on the home side and the game to show your Knight pride.