Breaking down the new nutrition break

A twelve minute nutrition break has been added between second and third period to give students another chance to eat breakfast.

Lilly Forsyth, Editor-in-chief

After discussing the possibility for the past two years, the district has finally implemented a nutrition break between second and third period.

All students are still offered free breakfast but can only use their free pass once, whether it be before class or during the break. It is not uncommon for zero and some first period students to skip breakfast because they are in a rush or because the idea of eating so soon after waking up makes a few stomachs turn.

However, some students still miss the opportunity to eat because they consider the break too short.

“I try to go to the library’s vending machine, but they never refill it after first period. Plus, the lines in the cafeteria are so long that by the time you get food, it’s time to go to third period. My teacher doesn’t let us eat in class,” explained Christy Lee, 12.

For students who have already eaten breakfast or have a tendency to skip it, they find themselves with 12 minutes of free time.

“It’s too long to go straight to class, but too short to do anything useful,” said Lee when asked about what she does during the gap between periods. “I usually just stand around waiting for the bell to ring.”

Teachers are split between those who appreciate the break and those consider it a waste of time.

One teacher emphasized that students do not even go to get breakfast and instead hang out in his class for few minutes. On the other hand, Career Technology teacher Mr. Paul Arrevalo said that he uses the break to “run quick errands up to the front office” and prepare for his next classes.

Whether students manage to grab a few bites between classes or take the scenic route to their third period, the nutrition break provides everyone with a few minutes to breathe.