Long Awaited Stadium Groundbreaking Finally Here!

Linda Huynh and Vanessa Barraza, Staff Writers

Arroyo High School hosted its long-awaited groundbreaking ceremony for the renovation of B. L. Bergstrom stadium on Tuesday, January 31. Many important members of the community and EMUHSD staff showed up for the ceremony for this historical event and were given awards for contributing to the remodeling. 

The stadium will include a new track, field, snack bars, and visitor seating. 

With the updated track students won’t need to worry anymore about their shoes getting dirty from walking around the track from all of the dirt. The new track will be much cleaner and easier to take care of. 

“No more dry grass patches, no more underwatering or over watering, no more mud, no more gopher holes, no more getting our Jordans dirty with walking around the track.” Arroyo High School, Principal Gabriel Flores said. 

New snack bars at the stadium are something that many have been hoping for. Parents had previously been complaining about what shape the current snack bars are in. 

“No more complaints about conditions of our snack bars by our PTSA and our senior parents,” Flores said. 

The new stadium will include many new innovations that will make the stadium more modernized. 

“When the project is completed, the Arroyo High School athletic field stadium will include a newly built entrance right over here, a high-performance synthetic track and field, and renovated bleachers and concession stands,” EMUHSD superintendent, Dr. Edward Zuniga said. 

The stadium remodeling will finish the final steps of the refurbishing of the stadium as a whole since the bleachers have been the only thing Arroyo renovated recently. 

“A few years back, we actually did a lot of work to this side of the stadium, enhancing the bleachers, bringing it up to code but business was left undone,” Zuinga said, “and we wanted to make sure that this project was completed.”

The new field will also benefit the band because the band uses the field during marching season for their practices.

“I know they are out here practicing Thursday nights a lot, they are committed and they’re waiting for their new field as well too.” 

Arroyo High School is prioritizing going green with the new stadium being built. The snack bar containers will be refurbished. 

“When this project is completed again, it will include those containers, snack bar containers and if you’re not familiar with those containers, they are refurbished containers that are repurposed,” Zuinga said, “The board is prioritizing also going green too so that we repurposed these containers and turn them into beautiful facilities.” 

Not many high schools have the opportunity to refurbish these containers to turn them into facilities.

“(It’s) a unique project for a high school to have. The container project also promotes a green environment,” Zuniga said. 

This project will help bring the community together because once the project is done, the community and neighboring communities can use the track and field for themselves. 

“A lot of folks come out and exercise so we’re providing opportunities in the evening and it’s something we want to commit to and have it done. We are happy to invite everyone back and also get some exercise, some fitness in, and enjoy the community also,” Zuinga said, “That’s something we want to do as well.”