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New Year’s Resolution

With the new year comes along new goals. Some will stand the test of time and others will be short lived.

Hailey Juarez, Staff Writer

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The start of a new year often means a new goal to accomplish in order to have a better year, and in the long run, a better life. Most people pick easy tasks that they would not be sacrificing so much. More creative people pick a truly difficult goal that has been bothering them for awhile. But sadly, most people break or quit their resolutions within the month of January.

Nancy Xie, 10, stated, “I don’t have a New Year’s Resolution because I knew I wasn’t going to follow through with it and I don’t believe in doing them.”

Alyssa Morones, 10, said, “I didn’t make one because I probably wouldn’t have done it, like most people.”

Monica Caballero, 10, said, “My New Year’s resolution is to do better in my classes. I haven’t broken it in any way so far.”

Casey Cao, 10, remarked, “I want to finish Driver’s Ed and quickly get my driver’s license.”

Camila Sotomayor, 10, addressed, “I am planning to pass all my classes with a minimum of a 3.0 and hopefully I won’t break my resolution.”

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New Year’s Resolution