Coach of the Year

After years of pure dedication and winning the CIF Championship after 30 years, Varsity football coach Jim Singiser was voted the Mid Valley Coach of the Year.


Amanda Medina, Staff Writer

Varsity Football coach Jim Singiser was awarded Mid Valley Coach of the Year. Singiser has been coaching at Arroyo for over 24 years, and 2016 will be a year to remember finally after the football team earn the title of Division 12 CIF Champions.

After a season of victory, more good news seems to keep coming Singiser way.

“I see this award as a career achievement award. It’s a nice regional, and it also regional for the entire staff,” humbly said Singiser. Singiser goes on to mention that there are over ten, and each coaches a position, and they are much responsible for the award just as much as him.

 With every win comes with a battle he describes them as, “We did have some adversities. Some of it we did it ourselves, and some of it was over the course of the football season.” However, teammates may of had their differences and disagreements, but they were able to stuck it through won a CIF title.

Throughout all of Jim Singiser years of coaching, and that each year comes a new team, and each team has difference skills to bring to the table.

“Watching improvement, but not so much as a team but individually pieces each week, and what we want them to do, and they realize it the team improves,” Singiser states as he describing of what he learned throughout his years of coaching.

Jim Singiser was called about his award, and also called for four of his student athletes to go over to the San Gabriel Tribute, and that he was selected as coach of the year.