Podcasts Have Gained Popularity During The Pandemic

Arroyo sophomore Ethan Lai started his own podcast, Lifelearn, over quarantine.

Michelle Duan, Staff Writer

The 2020 pandemic has changed many things within our daily lives. For many people–students, more specifically–this time has been put toward creating and taking opportunities that they wouldn’t normally have. Sophomore student, Ethan Lai, was one of these individuals. With the help of some of his friends, he successfully launched his own podcast, the Lifelearn Podcast (click here to listen: Spotify – Lifelearn Podcast | Podcast on Spotify ).

Online activity has been on an all-time high ever since Coronavirus struck. Sites were frequented, apps were invented, and most of all, things were being created. Capitalizing on this influx of engagement, many hurry to provide possible media and entertainment for the new users. Many of these creators are students, just like you.

“The method that I chose was one that had little to no expenses and was the easiest route,” said Ethan. “I first used a multiple-software program to set up my podcast and host them. Then I used a free editing software that anyone can access, known as Audacity.” 

By using free resources, students are able to create without risks of losing money or having to worry about costs. The program that he mentioned, Audacity (audacityteam.org), was one that could be downloaded with a few clicks of a button. 

“For podcast hosting, I use Buzzsprout (buzzsprout.com), which allows me to distribute my podcasts to apps such as Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, etc,” he states. 

Buzzsprout is another free program that you can use, along with a subscription service that you may opt for. These priceless programs help him put out content to views who want to hear more about the topics he discusses. 

“In my podcasts, I interview people that others would want to hear about. I usually get a hold of them through email and ask them to attend a session,” he reiterates. “We send the interviewee a copy of the outline so they can prepare for the questions that we have. You’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to do something if you just asked.” 

 Ethan emphasizes the importance of taking risks and trying new things. He believes that even if you doubt that it’ll work, it wouldn’t hurt to try new things. The podcast has also helped Ethan in more ways than one. 

“I began to be more comfortable with talking to strangers and people that I look up to. Initially, I was really nervous that I would screw something up or embarrass myself by saying something stupid mid-interviews,” he confesses. “But, as I did more interviews, I felt less nervous. Talking to people who have accomplished something amazing makes me more motivated and inspired.”

By listening to what these people had to say, he was able to build up confidence and his knowledge on the subject. He converses regularly about college, how to face your fears, and many more topics that appeal to his young audience. He is always open to new questions and suggestions from his listeners and is open to help others in many endeavors. 

“A general tip I would have for people who are looking to start their own podcast is to be confident.” He says. “When I first started, my sessions had parts where there was uncertainty in my voice and it was pretty obvious. Confidence, the idea that you know what you’re talking about, keeps your listeners engaged, as they think you’re more experienced.”

As times are changing, it creates a new platform for people to create and showcase their work on. Students, like you, can also create their own podcast and share their ideas without the expense. 

“Creating a podcast can help open up your connections as you can meet new people and connect with an audience,” He says. “It’s also really good for colleges and universities, especially when you showcase yourself as someone who is willing to put in effort and time for something they are passionate about.”


To listen to the Lifelearn Podcast click here –> Spotify – Lifelearn Podcast | Podcast on Spotify 

or copy-paste: https://open.spotify.com/show/1eDy5uafoiVF8uTbF1T8X1?si=aRK6XahlTBGV-9-wn4n_VA