Pro/Con: Roller Coasters

While some love roller coasters, others find them as a terrifying experience.

Robert Delgado and Hailey Juarez


There are a variety of people that enjoy going on roller coasters and there are many possible reasons they like these rides. Whether it’s that they like the feeling they get during or after the ride, or they just enjoy the ride overall people love roller coasters. Although there are many people that find these rides enjoyable, there are also many people who don’t like going on the rides.

Some people have not liked roller coasters since childhood. Others may not like roller coasters from past experiences in their life. There is also that one category of people that are simply afraid of roller coasters because of movies and do not even give it a chance.

“ I haven’t liked rides since I was a little kid, I’ve had so many past experiences to the point where I’m basically traumatized now,” said Ben Mendez, 10.

Although they choose to not get on rides there are still many other things to do during the time being at the amusement park. There are many games that you can win different prizes, food stands where you can buy the biggest turkey legs, and gift shops to buy souvenirs to take back home and remind them of the time that they were at the amusement park.

Once these type of people walk into an amusement park and hear the high-pitched screams and see the tracks rock back and forth after the ride passes through, they immediately get intimidated of the ride. During their time at the amusement park they feel left out because the people that they went with are all getting on rides and they are just waiting at the bottom by the exit gate. Everybody around them is trying to persuade them to get on, but they are just not quite ready to face their fears yet.

There are many people that like roller coasters as well as people that don’t. Whatever the case is, we should always respect one’s opinion and let them get on and experience the feeling that a roller coaster gives you when they feel like they’re ready.



Whenever you go to an amusement park, the first thing you want to get in line for is the fastest, most stomach turning roller coaster. Roller coasters are the pride and joy of theme parks. You don’t scream or have the same thrill when you get on other rides.

You impatiently wait in line as you hear the laughs and screams wishing it was you. The excitement starts to form in your stomach as you near to the front of the line. The gates open and you rush to grab your seat. You buckle yourself in and wait for the ride to begin.

The ride starts and a cluster of butterflies begin to fly in your stomach. As the tracks lead up to a very high drop you can see the whole theme park and that’s when you realize how high you are. Before you can take in the view, you’re falling down along a curvy track with your hands in the air and high-pitch screams of joy. The breeze flows against your face and through your hair as you hit every sudden turn and loop. You feel your stomach dropping as if you’re falling out of your seat but loving the thrill it brings. But at last, the journey is over.

The experience of the roller coaster still stays among you as you exit the ride. You get a tingly sensation from the experience. Roller coasters are the best rides in the world. The encounter with a roller coaster can not match any other ride.

Although, the lines may be long, it is definitely worth it.  While waiting in the long lines, people can play games on their phones or recently invented apps to amuse oneself.