JV Girls Wrestling- Alyssa Escamilla

Alyssa Escamilla, 10, recaps the wrestling season.

Hailey Juarez, Staff Writer

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How long have you’ve been wrestling?

I started wrestling when I was a freshman.

What was your inspiration to join wrestling?

My inspiration was seeing other girls join and didn’t care what other people thought and I wanted to try it out cause it looks like a great sport.

How do you prepare yourself for a tournament/match?

As a team we help each other prepare and that really helps a lot. Before one of us goes in to start their match, we put our hands on their head and pray.

Is it difficult to make the weight cut?

It isn’t difficult to make the weight cut because you just have to maintain your diet and not over eat and run.

What is your daily routine?

My daily routine when I go to practices is we work out with the coaches and the team and wrestle hard.

What is your favorite wrestling memory?

My favorite moments so far is being able to be like a family with the team and all the girls go out to eat afterwards.

How would you describe the season so far?

The season has been pretty awesome everyone cares for each other and feels like a family.

How do you support each other?

We always cheer each other on during matches or before a tournament.

What is your goal for the season?

My goal for the season is to keep getting better as I continue to do wrestling and always be there for my teammates.

How are you liking wrestling?

Wrestling is a great sport and I really enjoy being apart of it.


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